About Cattaneo & Stroud

Cattaneo & Stroud, Inc. (C&S) is a consulting firm providing strategic business planning, forecasting and market research consulting services to the health care industry. The firm is comprised of principals and consultants who actively participate in all facets of each engagement.

C&S consultants offer a comprehensive understanding of health care operations, market dynamics and change management based on decades of experience. Our in-depth knowledge of health care markets and organizations, coupled with strong analytic capabilities and personal service, distinguishes C&S in the market. We have a strong commitment to data-driven analysis and decision support that is highly valued by clients.

Our clients are market leaders, many of which have worked with our firm in many roles and on multiple projects over a number of years. They include integrated delivery systems, hospitals, medical groups, organ procurement organizations, insurers, pharmaceutical/device manufacturers and long-term care providers. Our familiarity with health care markets, regulations and operations enables us to provide consulting and support services ranging from small, focused projects to large, complex engagements.

Our expertise includes market and organizational strategies and tactics, facilitation of inter- and intra-organizational meetings and processes, bed need and service line statistical and econometric forecasts, financial analysis, and manipulation of databases. We provide our clients with experience and interpersonal skills to identify, analyze and communicate key issues. We work with senior management, boards, committees, physicians, and staff to define and implement strategic decisions and operational improvements.

C&S maintains and uses large, multivariate databases on provider utilization, HMOs, medical groups, and demographics that we manipulate to address strategic issues and forecasting needs at an individual facility, product line, market area, or system wide level. We have a model for assessing physician workforce requirements, which incorporates assumptions regarding a community’s demographic characteristics and indicators of demand for physician services.

Our quantitative expertise and market knowledge have been applied to many diverse situations including merger and affiliation discussions, contract terms and rate negotiations, development and evaluation of quality assessments, survey instruments, market analyses for new products, community benefit and needs assessment plans and market potential for industry and new business ventures.
Our broad range of experience helps our clients to address the challenges of the market: health reform, the development of accountable care organizations and advanced medical homes, and strategies in the value-based purchasing environment.